Wellness Exam


Our doctors take pride in completing a full health and wellness exam on our patients. This can include eyes, ears, mouth, hips, lymph nodes, skin quality, hydration and much more. Drop off exams can also be arranged in the event that we are booked full and still feel your pet needs attention. You can always feel free to email us photos or concerns and we will answer as soon as we are able. You and your pet's are our highest priority!

Health Certificate


Traveling? For an additional fee to any exam we can complete a Health Certificate to verify your pet is 100% healthy and up to date on mandated vaccines. For traveling out of the country we also can complete the International Health Certificate required for your destination, this includes our staff researching the required material for your trip and coordinating with you any additional requirements such as, Rabies vaccines, or a 15 digit microchip placed. We request over 24 hrs notice before your appointment for research.


Female Spay


We offer Surgical Spays to many female animal species including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits,  gerbils, hamsters, rats, and chinchillas. These are all done using surgical anesthesia and require early morning drop off times with an overnight stay and pain medication based upon kidney quality. 


Male Neuter


We offer Surgical neuters to many male animal species including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits,  gerbils, hamsters, rats, chinchillas and prairie dogs. Many of these are surgical anesthetic procedures, and all require an early morning drop off time and pain medication based on kidney function.


Fish hook found inside "Milo" 

Fish hook found inside "Milo" 

We offer physical film radiography in hospital to help evaluate everything from injury, to estimating litter size. We work closely with different partnerships to get an expert opinion when needed or recommend an ultrasound.

See bottom for partnership list.


Dental Prophylaxis 


We offer a full dental/mouth evaluation with all of our exams and have the ability to preform dental cleanings as well as extractions. An ultrasonic cleaning is a anesthetic procedure that includes detailed charting and cleaning of all teeth before polishing and being given time to wake up in a quieter part of the hospital for recovery. If extractions are needed the area is given a local numbing agent and the sites closed with absorbable suture for convenience. After care medication types vary based on kidney function. All require an early morning drop off time and may stay over night.


Mass Removals


During basic exams our doctors will make notes of all "Lumps and bumps" noted on your pet and we can offer an aspirate and cytology to evaluate cell type. We can also supply an estimate for surgical removal. If removal is wanted commonly an early morning drop off time is scheduled. After care pain medication types vary based on kidney function.

Tech Appointments 


For many basic things such as nail trims, anal sac expression, suture removal, vaccine boosters (exam in the last 12 month) or pain patch removals, our back room staff can easily handle it and allow you and your pet a much quicker in and out visit without needing a full exam.

Send Out Partnerships

We work with many companies and rescues to provide expert care to your pets, including:

Vision Pet Imaging                 Phoenix Laboratories              Animal Eye Care Center

Animal Medical Center           Animal Surgical Specialists        Missy's Rescue 

Seattle Area Feline Rescue      Animal Talk Pet Store           and  many others.